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Bestseller: Jewish Literature,  Assassination, Terrorism & Spy Thrillers

Michael Gallagher is an established Mossad thriller author who began his writing journey with a gripping, post-cold-war espionage thriller: “Tsunami Connection”.   His strong-willed heroine Kefira delighted readers worldwide as she overcame enormous odds in preventing genocide and finding a way to trap a cunning and resourceful ex-Fenian terrorist named Macaulay.

Following strong sales in the English-speaking world, Michael’s work has recently been translated for distribution in Turkey and Germany.  Michael’s fast-moving style and unfailing eye for detail make his books very hard to put down once started.

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25 Amazon Reviews - 4.8 out of 5 stars

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Will Thomas ever shake off his run of bad luck?  Mossad thrillers with a surprising twist. From tough beginnings in the Bogside of Derry during the Irish ‘Troubles’, Thomas and his family slip away to coastal Maine.  Thomas shuns the humdrum life of the fishing town and forms enduring bonds with Lanky and Billy which will play key roles in his future.  Through a career as a photographer, Thomas develops self-reliance and an uncanny ability to chase down detail in his pursuit of truth and his love of nature.  He finds himself working for an international news organization in the right place at the right time when events threaten to overturn the world.  Believing he has found the foundations of love, he sees everything snatched away from him by technology he can barely comprehend.   But the object of his desire has given him a gift before she is lost to him, a gift so precious and powerful that Thomas believes he has the means to find her again and, in the process, defeat a reincarnated Mao Tse Tung in Central China.  Can he master the nanosuit and reverse his fortunes?  One thing is certain, he'll do everything in his power to try.

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Mossad Thrillers The Mossad Strain Book Three of The Kefira Mossad Series by Michael Gallaghe

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Third in the Series of Mossad thrillers: The Mossad Strain - a. bioterror race against the clock unleashed by a rogue Mossad agent.

Sample Scene - Opportunistic Predators

THE MOA RIVER curved through the rainforest like a black artery piercing a dark heart. Drenching heat slithered its way into the bush plane's cabin as Billy pointed the camera that took him to all corners of the world. Sitting in the co-pilot's seat of a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, he set his shutter speed to fast while the plane dropped gently in altitude. The professional in him took care not to rest the lens on any part of the plane and he popped it out the small window he had rigged to stay fully open. In his viewfinder, people on the jungle track below looked like a hodgepodge of colorful smudges on the road's orangey cinnamon-colored surface as it snaked through a clearing and back into the rainforest.

Billy shouted over the engine noise to the pilot.

"Down. Closer."

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