‘Indie’ Author Book Review Giveaway

My Best Friend, Blondie...
My Best Friend, Blondie…

Book Review Giveaway

Join the experiment! In exchange for the tasks stated in the giveaway, I will try to review the books of the ‘Indie’ authors that submit their titles. If too many people apply, I may have to limit the applications. I will publish the reviews on my site and on Amazon.com (please no porn).

What do I want from you?

  1. Answer the giveaway
  2. Go to www.michaeljamesgallagherauthor.com and use the social network links
  3. Subscribe to my blog (not obligatory but alas!)
  4. Have a Merry Holiday Season
  5. Don’t forget to get me your email either on my site comments or in the contest if you would like a book review published on my site and on Amazon…
  6. OOOPs! Click on the free contest link below
  7. Do the same for another author you know, duh! I mean, write a review…

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