Timelines: The Beethoven Incident by Paul Howard

The-Beethoven-Incident-fINAL-copy-187x300Michael Crichton Watchout


Mood like that which surrounds Elijah Baley (of Asimov fame in the `Robots’ series) haunts Paul Howard’s, `The Beethoven Incident’. Rich, historically accurate settings reminiscent of Michael Chrichton’s `Timeline’ provide the backdrop for this science fiction, time-travel tale.

Strict rules govern against time-traveller interference in a futuristic movie business based on historically perfect re-creations, using real temporal recordings from the past accomplished by skilled visitors cum recorders. Yet interfere they do and discover new rules for correcting paradoxes.
The prose catapults the reader through a convincingly constructed time-travel saga of events complete with portals reminiscent of Greg Bear’s singularity travellers without the intense rituals and dense science. This book has it all: interesting science, great writing, and boy-meets-girl. It makes one think of a successful first installment of a new `Back to the Future’ type of series. The only fault with the story is that it is too short. I look forward to a fleshed out version.

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