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Launch like a Pro with J.D. Lasica's Book-Launch Blueprint

All you aspiring Indie authors out there (and published authors too), meet J.D. Lasica. Listen up as he rolls out a tried-and-true, Book-Launch Success Blueprint.

Need to make your mark, J.D. has some novel ideas for you to make your launch stand out from the crowd. For starters, his unique style for an outstanding Landing Page intrigues potential readers.

See a Twisted Use of Biotech

Biohack A Gender Wars Thriller

Need reviews, look no further, listen up and J.D.'s review-getting strategy will lay out a clear roadmap.

When you're done taking notes on J.D.'s Book-Launch Blueprint at Indie-Pub News with Michael Gallagher, check out Lasica's Hot New Science-Fiction Novel:

Biohack:  A Gender Wars Thriller.

JD Lasica Biohack A Gender Wars Thriller

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