Five Star Review of Judith Lucci’s Toxic New Year

Toxic New Year: The Day That Wouldn't End: The Day That Wouldn't End (Alex Desephano Series Book 4)Toxic New Year: The Day That Wouldn't End: The Day That Wouldn't End by Judith Lucci

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

High Tension Terrorism Meets Alex Destephano Head On

Ms. Lucci does it again in spades in her action-packed Book 4 of the Alex Destephano Series. Toxic New Year hits the ground running and keeps the reader glued to a story that delves deeply into the hearts and minds of its characters. People are important to this author as she paints a landscape filled with nuanced brushstrokes. Fleshing out new and deeper personality traits, and even quirks, elaborating both strengths and weaknesses, for her myriad of well-developed souls engenders interest in this exciting story.
Humanity reigns supreme in this terrorist plot steeped in New Orleans and Virginia’s society and peopled by grizzly Al Qaeda types, dedicated cops and Lucci’s usual cast of likeable stars. People respond to the needs of their lives. The ex-CIA guy has a touching reason for his treason, making even a traitor a person to identify with. For this reader, Alex’s escape to Italy drips with reality – a strong young woman explores new experiences. Let’s hope the next in the series will test the author’s mettle in a European backdrop. Couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait for the next one!


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