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Mossad Thriller Mossad Spear A Novelette by Michael Gallagher

Mossad Tango can be Deadly...

The Kefira Novelette, Tango Spear, including a Bonus Chapter from the soon-to-be-released novel, The Mossad Strain:  A Bioterror Mossad Thriller-Part Three of The Kefira Mossad Thriller Series is ** free for a  limited time ** - you just need to tell me where to send it. 

When a dedicated prosecutor dies in questionable circumstances, what started out as a simple investigation turns into Mossad's deadliest secret operative Kefira's darkest personal and professional nightmare.

As the seduction of Kefira's world is stripped away by a series of catastrophic revelations about corruption at the highest levels of government, suggesting the existence of safe havens for Hezbollah operatives in America's neighborhood, Kefira strives to uncover the truth.

Five Star Review

"A visually powerful canvas that puts a picture in your mind’s eye.” -

Dianne Harman, The Huffington Post