An Interview with Bestselling Author Bob Mayer

An Interview with Bestselling Author Bob Mayer

BobMayerBob Mayer’s success speaks for itself. Why another interview with a guy whose books fill the shelves of historically-based fiction readers? For me, his seamless introduction of ideas that might be a stretch for a less competent writer makes his work unique, especially his work on Psychic Warrior. According to many critiques: “In his historical fiction novels, Mayer blends actual events with fictional characters. He doesn’t change history, but instead changes how history came into being.” Without further ‘ado, please read an interview with Bestselling author Bob Mayer.

1    Please tell me something about your past that gave you a clue you might want to write.

I read a lot.  Voraciously.  And I spent a lot of time alone making up stories in my head.  I think reading is the best preparation for becoming a writer.


2    Did you ever have a setback that you overcame in the move to become a writer?

You have to be nuts to think you can make a living as a writer.  I’ve been doing it since 1991.  In traditional publishing I was “fired”– which means my contracts weren’t extended a half-dozen times.  I always stayed one manuscript ahead of that.  I find it tends to be feast or famine.  Extended periods of despair and depression with moments of joy and excitement.  That’s in both the writing and the business side.

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3    Tell me something warm about someone who supported (or supports) your writing effort?

My wife.  She’s not just my muse, we work together. She’s the idea person.  I call her a walking font of useless information but then I need that information.  Our livelihood and our hobby is story.  We spend many hours in the evening in bed with our two yellow labs watching whatever it is she has decided we should watch and she’s always right.  She’s found so many interesting movies and shows.  Most of which I would have never watched on my own.  The other night we watched an old black and white about a wagon train of women going west; and then a Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedy which was quite brilliantly written.


4    Give aspiring Indie writers one piece of advice.

No one can stop you but you.


5    (I am writing my second novel with a nanotech element and mind meld a la Star Trek)I am drawn to your writing because of the seamless way you  portray psychic reality. What literary devices do you employ to make psychic warriors believable?

I based my Psychic Warrior books on a real program that was classified at the time in the military called Trojan Warrior.  Where they tried to make even more elite soldiers out of Green Berets. I was involved in the program and it was interesting.  Also there was Grill Flame going on at the same time.  The military has done quite a few interesting things in the field.

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