Blue Coyote Motel by Dianne Harman – Kept Me Reading

Nice West Coast Vibe


Book-Cover-205x300Though I prefer dialogue-based action and characterization, Dianne Harman’s story kept me reading right to the end. I liked her people and identified with some of them deeply. Her problematic characters developed their flaws to extremes. I guess people really do worry about their appearances enough to take a synthetic hormone to stay young looking longer. Happy drugs would be swallowed up by thousands if they were available. I could imagine falling into the traps that  most of Blue Coyote Motel’s people succumb to.

Harman’s characters move through their lives in a kind of kaleidoscope. People in the book drift and tend to let life make their decisions for them until some catastrophe, as the situation of their personal kaleidoscope resets. The heroes of her story snap out of this mould and take control, then fall back into the flow.

For me, learning about characters’ lives becomes more poignant when I get the juice from their own words not from narration. I am curious though about the next book. The main character’s life has become the life of a drifter set free in France.

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