Lallapaloosa by R. Daniels: A tour de force


Lallapaloosa by R. Daniels:  A  tour de force

Coming across a masterpiece at a flea market always promises to change one’s life. Rags Daniels delivers on such an experience with his multi-layered gem, Lallapaloosa. In this swirling tour de force, the author paints a complex canvas. Starting with the title, the mood of Catch 22, a modern classic,  permeates the novel, Lallapaloosa.

Readers venture well into the book before getting down to the nitty-gritty of the title’s significance, reminiscent of the way Joseph Heller portrayed the futility of war in the words of an old woman in Catch 22. You’ll have to read it yourself to come to your own understanding. On a deeper level, Daniels successfully evokes a myth as profound as the river Styx and the boatman, Charron.

The ambiance created by the author’s choice of a stoic Amerindian to mentor his own modern-day Charron in the person of the protagonist, Ray Kinsella harkens back to Carlos Castenada of 70s pop philosophy fame. Don’t be surprised when the story goes one step deeper into myth and philosophy.

 Attempting to draw connections to ancient myth, requires deftness and talent to match the great writers of ancient and modern literature. To do it inside the strictures of a simple modern genre similar to the Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammet demands unparalleled ability.

In this case, a British mercenary, a la Sam Spade,  romps through Latin America re-writing most of the iconic history of Che Guevara’s death. Without spoiling any more of the story, Daniel’s book rewards the reader at almost every level. Snappy dialogue, believable characters, a novel story and surprising references to literature and social history fill the bill for a great read. To add the icing to the proverbial cake, the author could use the support of buying his book as he is fighting to stop his own appointment with destiny.  Ask all of your friends to buy this book to help the author pay his medical bills.

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