Learn English Fun Use Sundance Film Clips

Leaarn English Fun Past Tense FocusLearn English Fun Use Sundance Film Clips

Film festivals are great places to meet people. Taking a vacation at a film festival gives spice to your vacation time. Boomers love films. Learning English using short film clips will stimulate your enthusiasm for learning new verbs. Make a list of actions you see in the film. Then look up the past tense of each action. Your description of the narrative will be fun and intriguing. Go For It!


Instructions:           Take a gander at the short films at the Sundance Film Festival on this Youtube page.

  1. Look at the choice of short films
  2. Choose one you think you would like
  3. Watch the film
  4. Write a 150-word summary of the short film
  5. Remember to use the past tense
  6. Look at the following Youtube video to find information about past tense verbs



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