How to build your own Bookbub-like mailing list using Facebook Ads

An Experiment in Optimizing Facebook Ads

OPtimizing Facebook Ads for my Mossad Thrillers

How to open doors to new readers for your books by Optimizing Facebook Ads

Writing Mossad Thrillers consumes me and it's a real pleasure. Marketing remains another story. Are you an Indie author who's thinking about jumping on the bandwagon of building a Facebook ad campaign?

Maybe this step-by-step, screenshot-assisted exposé of my personal experience will help you make the decision. Before I get started, I have to thank three Indie-publishing entrepreneurs who have provided the basis for this experiment: Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn), Nick Stephenson (Your First 10,000 Readers) and Mark Dawson (Self Publishing Formula) Thanks, you guys, for getting me up and going on mailing-list building and doing it with your free videos. Your collective energy and giving spirits propel tons of new authors to reach new highs in Indie publishing. Don't take my word for it! Use the icons below to get their courses on Facebook Ad Strategies.


Four Years of Indie Publishing Experience

Five years ago, I started writing my first novel, an espionage thriller, featuring a tango-dancing Mossad operative with a conscience. Her name's Kefira. In January 2013, Tsunami Connection hit the digital presses. What? I couldn't understand why people weren't banging down the doors to pick it up. Unfazed, I started on the second book in the series.

Mossad Thriller Tsunami Connection 3-D Cover by Michael Gallagher

Why the Mossad and why thriller novels? From the time I was twelve-years-old, after reading Leon Uris's, Battle Cry, I wanted to write thrillers. Life intervened though and God blessed me with a loving wife and two amazing daughters while the writer bug lay dormant. Just before retirement, I sat myself down in front of my desktop and started typing away.

Now, you can choose to go on reading about my experience of becoming an Indie author or you can click on the link below to go directly to the section about building reader magnates and book funnels.

Work-in-Progress ...

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Facebook Ad Experiment Part One

My Facebook Ad Experiment - Part One

Driving traffic to my website using free book offers on my Facebook ads started a couple of weeks ago. My general objective is to garner leads that will one day become active readers of my new books. there are sub-objectives as well.

  • Ease the difficulty of Launch day
  • Help me develop a relationship with my readers
  • Start the process of collecting names for a 'Street Team' 
  • Have a group of ready-and-willing reviewers


First Ad


First Facebook Ad Following Mark Dawson's Methods

This Ad got 6 Leads on a Friday evening at a cost of 1.37 per lead


  • Spend limit $5.00 per day
  • Mobile Feed only
  • Experiment with Calls to Action: Sign up or Learn More
  • Use Lead Generation Forms
  • Optimized for Readers who have shown interest in Daniel Silva
  • Alternate textual Leads

Second Ad

Facebook ad for Mossad Spear experiment in Lead Generation

This ad got 8 Leads on Saturday evening at a cost of .67 cents per lead

Third Ad

Facebook ad for Mossad Spear experiment in Lead Generation

This ad fell flat on a Monday and Friday evening with 1 lead generated at a cost of five dollars a lead.

Any comments or suggestions left below or in my Facebook PMs about how to move forward would be greatly appreciated.







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