Political Intrigue Striving Woman Spy Thriller-Tsunami Connection

Political Intrigue Striving Woman Spy Thriller-Tsunami Connection

Tsunami_Connection_A_Gripping_Spy_ThrillerEver wonder why people close to you behave the way they do? Kefira does.

Enlisted as a child and living out the vicarious dreams of her adoptive mother as a covert-ops sleeper, Kefira fights against a ticking clock. Flashbacks provide sanctuary from the political intrigue, adding depth to the real-to-life personalities of Kefira’s team. 
In her attempts to unravel the political intrigue behind world-threatening events, Kefira – the orphaned child of top-secret Mossad operatives killed by a bomber in Buenos Aires – confronts more than even her training can cope with, yet she intuits her way to disentangling multiple threads to plans for a chemical weapons attack on Israel in the making. 
Kefira’s investigations expose not one but two world domination plots, including the machinations of a Russian oligarch’s greed and traces of a covert Chinese espionage plot to exploit mind control.
Tsunami Connection” is an espionage thriller that’ll keep you awake at night. It combines intricately painted descriptions that reviewers say, “put a picture in your mind’s eye,” and the story of a determined thirty-something woman’s struggle to find her place in an inhospitable world. 

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