Building Reader Magnets and Book Funnels 

What do building reader magnets and book funnels entail?

  1. Building a Landing Page on your Self-hosted WordPress
  2. Connecting that landing page to a service like Mailchimp (buy as you go plan) or Aweber
  3. Uploading your free material either on Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive or Book Funnel
  4. My choice at $20.00 a year for starters and ease of use

Free Mossad Spear Kefira Mossad Thriller by Michael Gallagher


Why are landing pages important? 

When I released my second novel I had a great success for 35 days because...

  • I encouraged 500 people on Social Media to buy it on pre-release - an experience I don't want to repeat
  • Professional Editing
  • Stylish ugh! expensive Professional cover


What did Amazon do because of the above factors ?

  1. Included the book in Top 100 Bestsellers of 30 days
  2. Included the book in Hot New Releases for 40 days

Then Diamond Rain sales slowed...

Diamond Rain The Kefira Mossad Series Book 2 Mossad Thrillers by Michael Gallagher

So I picked up Nick's free book and quickly realized that I'd better settle down and learn about mailing lists, book giveaways and marketing in general. Nick's book changed my perspective about my prospects as a writer. We sure have come a long way in publishing from the manual printing press thanks to Draft2Digital and Amazon as well as other digital marketers. Look at the following two pics.

Reader magnets Book funnels for my Mossad Thrillers


Want to learn the first step to marketing success?

Help me test my system by clicking on Mossad Spear below and going through the ropes to see the essentials of Nick's course in action, A Landing Page & Get a Free Novelette, Mossad Spear, too.

Mossad Thrillers - Mossad Spear Free by Michael Gallagher listed at Draft2Digital

Why is a landing page attached to a mailing list primordial for Indie writers?

  1. Control your marketing, not your digital publisher
  2. Get people on your list to review your book in a timely manner at the launch *
  3. Build a large stable of readers, so no encouraging people to buy your book **

* after about a year of list building using Facebook and Twitter ads
** providing you have succeeded in developing a relationship of value with them

The suspense is killing me!  Did you click on the Landing page link and get your Free Mossad Thriller: Mossad Spear?

Let me know in the comments, please.


Anyone interested in Nick Stephensons's free book and intro course, click his pic below...