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Michael-James-Gallagher-International-Political-Intrigue-Thriller-Author-of-Tsunami-Connection-2Sharing Marketing Tasks

Light appearing at the end of the marketing tunnel! The task of developing marketing strategies involves a steep learning curve and a great deal of patience. One key element of this slog requires the melding of partners possessing recognized or perhaps as yet unrecognized reasons for sharing needs. Mutual benefit must prevail. Thorny enigmas remain:  First, finding measures of possibly mutual profit and second figuring out ways of exploiting these sources of joint gain. Then there is always luck.

Over the past few weeks my star started shining a little. After a year of trolling the net for viable cohorts, two events almost coincided. I read a column on the fast developing boomer market niche and submitted an excerpt of my thriller, Tsunami Connection, to Eureka!Tsunami Connection Excerpt Co-founder Greg Dobbs like the excerpt and he published it on their site. The mutual benefit circles around age-related issues. My wife and I are tango freaks. My goal in life has always been to write. I combined our love of tango with writing scenes about the dance into my thriller. They always say you should write about what you know. We travel and dance tango in every city we visit. As well, we dance 10 hours a week and needed info about boomer interests and we provided b0th an excerpt from a published novel, Tsunami Connection, and sincere interest in the subject. Let’s hope it’s a marriage made in heaven.

On a roll! Next I opened a new page on my author’s blog, .I started interviewing authors who had just released a book. Wouldn’t you know it; I struck a great person on my second effort. Reading about Danny Kemp, author of The Desolate Garden’s story on a popular Internet blog, I took the chance of going to his blog to leave a comment. I said, “You give me hope.” Low and behold, Mister Kemp emailed me a response. An exchange of emails highlighted a mutual interest or two. Both of are spy thriller writers and the two of us are incurable romantics.I made an offer to write an interview about Danny, featuring five questions with a slant toward motivating other up and coming Indie authors and Danny gladly answered my questions. cache_2428853451Then his notoriety drew traffic to my blog and gave me loads of tweets and the kind of coverage I could not get without serious collaboration. Community creates opportunity when it is borne of mutual benefit. Look at the result of sharing marketing tasks.

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