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Storytelling Secrets with Victoria Dougherty 

Victoria Dougherty waxes poetic as a performing artist, satirist and bestselling, historical, espionage, thriller writer. Looking to read the 'same old, same old, look elsewhere. Her Muse's fountain flows deep with frenetic action, frolicking humor, heartfelt loves and stark historical fact. What underpins her eclectic style? A fragrant dose of real Cold War family history, startling images fresh as night-blooming flowers dusting cleverly interwoven plots and subplots. In short, a kitchen table peopled by spies and agents all requiring humor to help them muster the courage to do battle with the Stalinist Soviet Union was her writer's Masterclass.

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Welcome to the Hotel Yalta is a collection of six interconnected stories of Cold War noir. Stories about spies, killers, and deadly games. Hot lovers and cold hearts.

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