Visual Story Architecture: Tango – Paradigm Shifting Technology – Nanofoglets

Visual Story Architecture: Tango – Paradigm Shifting Technology – Nanofoglets

harlots_all2Building visual storyboards enables vivid descriptive sections in writing. Harlots All: A Novel contains international locations, a ravishing  protagonist who unites a group of co-conspirators, all plagued by the remnants of early childhood trauma as it works its way through their emotional lives. Possession of paradigm shifting nano technology in the form of carbon-based, diamond molecules operated by a unstable but highly productive Quantum computing system gives this clandestine group linchpin status. These pins in Pinterest helped lead to the following story excerpt from the work-in-progress of Harlots All: A Novel.

Locorotondo Revelations

    The whiteness of its stonewalls reached up to etch the sky above Kefira as she ran through the labyrinth-like alleyways of the round, medieval city of Locorotondo, Italy. She could not explain how the blood on her hands had disappeared, but somehow she knew she had to keep running, following the sound of pounding feet just around the bend in front of her. The dialogue before the stabbing was flooding her reality. Minutes before her feet wrapped in black stilettos had been dancing tango in front of the Basilica di San Martino on the cool smoothness of the marble flagstone plaza.

“The air is oppressive here, but the feeling of dancing with you, magnificent,” said Michael.

“I know my sweet, but you aren’t leading. These Italians’re prone to grand gestures and they don’t take into account the small size of the dance floor. They don’t seem to like the competition,” said Kefira as she threaded her way between two couples in front of her.

“They’re too macho, Keffy.  They just can’t take seeing two woman on the floor.”

“Maybe that’s it but it doesn’t stop them from hitting on me with their eyes when we sit.”

“Who’s hitting on you? I’ll break his balls.”

“I love it when rage fills your face. You’re passive side disappears completely.”puglia4cut3

“Still, mi amor, breath it in. The smell of the distant sea, the yellow of the lanterns reflecting on the white stone, the cool, smooth feel of the marble slabs underfoot and, most of all, your skin, juicy with exertion, mixing with that erotic scent of yours,” said Michael.

“How could I complain? You’re right, my Irish wraith. But you forget one thing: the sheer pleasure of being taken by the music.”

“I wonder when my brother’ll make an appearance. We’re here after all to meet him, aren’t we?”

As if on cue, their world shattered. Minutes before her feet had been dancing tango in front of the Basilica di San Martino on the cool smoothness of the marble flagstone plaza. Confusion reigned; yet, her training allowed her not to be completely mystified by reality.

“What’s happening,” shouted Kefira over a din that made it impossible for her to hear.

“Keffy. What’s wrong,” answered Michael, but she was talking to a mute partner.

“The blood, your blood on my hands. No, mi amor, your neck.”

***********Foglet Suspension

Pinterest Storyboard

An ideal location for a scene in my novel appeared in the picture of an arch in Locorotondo.  The scene bore the idea to suspend Kefira in MacAuley’s utility fog and introduce the notion of foglets under human telekinetic control. When the book comes out later this year, pick it up and find out how the above scene concludes. Kefira also ran pell-mell through the city under MacAuley’s control inside the utility fog. Go to Pinterest by clicking on the link above and see the arch that prompted the scene in the novel.

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